Print my message in a bottle

This is my message in a bottle to you and the world.

It’s very special that you received one of these bottles, circulating around the world. So I hope you’re ready for these words.

I started this project to create awareness of the plastic problem in the world.
Right now, you might imagine supermarkets full of plastic and the the plastic soup in the sea. Don’t get me wrong, these are real issues we should think about too.

But please take a moment to think about the health risk of drinking from a plastic bottle.

A bottle releases hundreds of small plastic pieces into the water, that come directly into your body the moment you drink from it.
Plastic in your body is strongly linked to chronic disease. In huge amounts, it can cause diabetes and heart disease and studies strongly point in the direction of cancer too.

Hopefully you feel fine now, but please think about the longer term.

Can you imagine, if one bottle releases hundreds of plastic pieces into your drinking water, how many will reach your body if you drink water from plastic bottles your whole life. The damage to your body would be huge.

With this letter, I hope I can urge you to stop using plastic bottles. For your own health. And for your children and all the other ones you love.

Please visit my voluntary website, and find out how you can solve this problem for yourself and the people around you.
Please also leave a message in the guestbook with the location where you received the bottle.

And last but most important:

Create an impact and pass this bottle on to a person you see drinking from plastic.

Love, Bas from Holland

Print my message in a bottle