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2 berichten.
Elisabeth Olsson Elisabeth Olsson uit Kungsbacka heeft geschreven op januari 20, 2020 om 9:46 am:
Will give my bottle to somone in Sweden
Jan vanmarcke & Kathleen Schroeyers Jan vanmarcke & Kathleen Schroeyers uit Antwerp heeft geschreven op december 14, 2019 om 12:30 pm:
Dear Bas and friends of messageinabottle, We have received a bottle in Valencia Spain. We are now in Portugal on the hunt for someone to pass on the bottle😅. We try to be aware of nature and our own health and like to thank Bas for this project. Rather occasional it happens we buy water or especially soda in a plastic bottle. We find ourself looking harder for a soda variant in a glass bottle and refilling our glass bottles with water. To add a little thing: Buying your grocery’s in big shops gives you a large enormous of plastic. Visiting the markets, mercado municipal saves you a lot of carbage. We notice that we have to pay attention becous before you know they’ve put your stuff in plastic bags😅 but they are not unwilling to give you whiteout. Markets=buying local=more fun and interaction We are soooo far from the ideals but are trying to do the best