Help me

1. Pass the message in a bottle you received on to the next person. For example, someone who is drinking (or normally drinks) out of a plastic bottle.

2. Print my message in a bottle or overwrite it. Put it in a nice clean bottle of glass and pass it on to someone you want to help.

3. Leave a message in the guestbook with the location of receiving the bottle and the way it inspired you. Show the world that you want to make a change. And help other people too.

4. Share your solution with me. Tell me how you accomplished it in your country, regio or town, so other people can learn from you. A place where you can refill filtered water, the water filter you use, the water bottles you are buying, etc.

5. Send me the location of a natural source location to add to the map.

6. Give me advice in how to make this big. And how to keep this project going.

Thank you for the attention you are giving to this project and for the change you are making in your life. The items listed above are extra. They are how we can together make an impact.


Special thanks to:

Laura, for your ideas and fantastic translation
Rossella, for allowing me to use your great drawings on my website
Wendy, for your help with the website and thinking with me